"Handy Craft" is a pack with more than 110 images oriented for 2D Isometric games and apps. You will be able to compose your own worlds inspired from Fantasy RPG's, with different elements, all hand painted and crafted carefuly to appeal the most public as possible. The package is really easy to use, full HD graphics and mobile ready.

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  • Xintana Legends - Website

    Update 2.5 - Xintana Legends Website - Now live!

    The game is currently in the IGMC contest, if you like it please vote us here!


    How to vote for Xintana Legends.

    1. Click here, you will see the Xintana Legends contest page.
    2. Click on the “Vote +1” button (pic below).
    3. If you have account, login, otherwise sign up.
    4. After creating the account you will redirected to main page of the site, so go back to Xintana Legends clicking “Back” a few times, or clicking in “Submissions”.
    5. Click “Vote +1” again, you will login.
    6. Click back, and click “Vote +1” again.
    7. You will see: “Your vote has been cast successfully!”, and that means you voted correctly.

    Thanks for supporting our votes!

    Estefania Castaño
    Co-Founder & Environment Artist
    Double Ring Studios


Andre Martinez

Andre Martinez


Co-Founder - Concept Artist - Designer Illustrator - 2D Animator

Estefania Castaño

Estefania Castaño


Character Artist Designer - Illustrator


Double Ring Studios

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